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My prayers are that you also would receive a miracle today as you listen to
the miraculous hand of God in my life.  With true testimonies of those
who were touched by God Almighty, in "Jesus Name"who believed and 
received their miracle. 

Becki Java
  If Your Are Skeptical of The Miracles Of God Then....

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          As you listen to each "Archived" program, I hope you will be just as amazed as I was when 
   I walked right into the miraculous in each situation!   

Stories of People Who Have Died & Gone To Heaven 
Whom Jesus Sent Back To Earth 
On A New Mission For The Kingdom Of God

           Also, Becki Prayed & Instantly Men Out of Coma's, Cancers Gone, Tumors Gone, & 
                                        So Much More... All In The Mighty Name of Jesus!   

 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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One Woman’s Story of a Life Totally Given Over to God Author reveals how God can change your natural into His supernatural.

LONGWOOD, FL—Have you ever looked at your Christian life and wondered, “Is this all there is?” Do you ever feel simply “lost in the crowd” at church? According to author, television/radio host and now, recording artist with her new Christmas CD, entitled; “The Miracle of Christmas” Becki Java speaks on how you don’t have to feel empty or ineffective. God wants to transform lives with His Word and the supernatural power of the
Holy Spirit.

With the miraculous workings of God in her life she brings a message of hope to the hopeless and prayer for healing for those in need.  From Cancers gone, tumors gone and men instantly out of a comas and more.  In the Mighty Name of Jesus.  

Imagine That!
When Your Natural Becomes the Supernatural of God, a true story of a life living in the miraculous and to become a vessel of glory fit for the king. A journey with Jesus leading into true stories of miracles, signs and wonders, and healings through a life application Bible study by Becki Java, Founder of Mighty God Ministries, author, evangelist, producer, director, and daughter of the Most High God. Cost: $15.99.

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Imagine That!
When Your Natural Becomes The Supernatural of God

Chapter Twelve:  "Let's Go!"

One of these women, whose name is Ricky, moved to Minnesota a couple of years ago.  She invited me to come out for a visit and we even made plans for me to hold a couple of healing services in her little town, one in the public library and one in her church.  it was amazing what God did there.  In the first service just about everyone I prayed for experienced slaying of the Spirit.  I had never witnessed such an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit before and I was astounded and ecstatic.

At the second service I was assigned to a small room and not the main sanctuary and even though I sensed this was not the Lord's plan I did not object.  However, just as I was getting started, someone interrupted me and told me that I needed to go in the main sanctuary because so many people had showed up there wouldn't be enough room for them anywhere else.  What a glorious meeting we had!  Many received a touch from the Lord.  One woman came up afterwards and told me that God had touched her eye while I was speaking and that it had been healed.

The experience I had that night was like none other I had ever had.  I was literally enveloped in a cloud of the Lord's glory.  I could barely sense that I was talking, moving around, and praying for the crowd although I certainly knew that I was.  When it was all over I just walked back up to the platform and stood still in awe, just breathing it all in and trying to savor everything that had just taken place.  I was caught in utter amazement.  What a feeling; what a moment!

I felt I was being covered by the very hand of God, but then in the background I could hear Ricky's husband calling to me, "Hey, Becki, where do these flowers go?  He had to say it a few times because I continued to just stand there trying to take in all the wonders of the night and to fathom what had just taken place.  I was suspended in a dreamy kind of feeling and I got a little irritated because I just wanted to be left alone in the moment.  I am not exaggerating about this one bit; it was just as I am describing it.  Lovely!

I Finally turned to Ricky's husband to see what he was asking me.  He needed to put away some flowers but didn't know where they went so I had to walk him over and show him the place.  When I did this, I immediately noticed a group of men standing together and looking one of them straight in the eye, I pointed at him and asked, "Were you very much overwhelmed?" He shook his head and said, "Yes.  As you were talking I felt like I was sinking deeper and down into total amazement."  He had never felt anything like it before.  I hadn't been aware that he had experienced this, but God wanted to make sure that I knew; that was shy he had my attention directed to this corner of the room in the first place.  I prayed with the man before we all left, and I pondered the whole evening a little more.  God had used this circumstance to show me that even after I think the service is completed, He may still want to use me to say something to someone in need.  And He will make sure He gets my attention if there is something in need.  An He will make sure He gets my attention if there is something He does not want me to miss.  He certainly got my attention on that night.

The day after the service I felt like going out for a walk so I grabbed my friend Ricky and out we went.  At the end of her block there was a two-lane highway and across it we could see fields of corn that seemed to go on forever.  Not too far away was a farmhouse with other small buildings visible behind it.  I knew with all my heart that I needed to get to that farmhouse; in fact, I knew that I would be meeting the people who lived there.  I said to Ricky, "Lets cross the highway and go down towards that home.  She said she wasn't sure she wanted to but I said, Yes, we have to.  "She said, "Okay, then."

We crossed the road and were walking down towards the house when a woman came out of the door and turned around and looked at us, as we were about a hundred yards away.  I waved to her.  She waved back and then went back inside her home.  As we continued on I said to Ricky, "I am going to meet her."  Ricky replied, "You have more courage then I."  But it wasn't a matter of courage at all.  I just knew I needed to talk with her.

As we got closer to her house she came back outside.  We were now walking up her very long driveway so she decided to come meet us.  I said to her, "Look at this beautiful place!  It looks like you get to have your cake and eat it, too!"  She said thank you and then asked, "Do I know you?  I said, "No, you don't.  But this gal is your neighbor across the highway.  We decided to take a walk and when I saw your house I just knew I was supposed to come here."  I then continued on to tell her that I was from California and was here visiting my fiend, and that I was holding healing services at the Assemblies of God Church in town.  I also shared with her about some of the miracles I had seen.

She replied, "That's funny.  You know, seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I prayed very, very hard for a miracle and I got one!"  But just recently she had been to the doctor's and he had found something suspicious and ran some tests.  That very morning he had called with the news that she had a mass of some kind on her lung and that she had to get back in to see him soon.  She was very upset.
I said to her, "Well, Imagine that!  Just this morning, huh?"  I told her that I was a minister and that it was by no mistake that I decided to get up and take a walk by her house today.  Especially after having just had a healing service the night before.  She looked at me and said, "I guess so."  I then told her how the Lord always had me in the right place at the right time and that this was one of those times.  I asked her for some oil so that I could anoint her.  We went into the house and I anointed and prayed for her in front of her husband and daughter.  I tried to explain to them how God had sent me and they looked at me like I was a little crazy.  As a matter of fact, I told them I could understand how it probably appeared that way to them, but after all was said and done, I knew they knew what I spoke was the truth.  

(Note:  This testimony is not listed in my book, however, this is an update and also for the glory of God!) A year after I prayed for the woman, I asked Ricky to go over to the women's house and find out what happened after I left.  Ricky went and saw the woman and the woman said she went back to the doctors for more test and the mass was completely gone!  Praise God Almighty! 

Chapter Thirteen:  Prayer Changes Things

I was at home reading my Bible one day and kept getting a recurring nudge to go over to one of the hospitals I frequently ministered at.  I didn't respond to it and just kept on about my business, but the next day the same thing happened again.  I was at a regular prayer meeting later on and shared about this with the leaders.  We prayed about it and then they told me that the next time that feeling came over me, I should get up and go to the hospital.

Two days later I got the same feeling, again while I was reading the Word of God.  I put down my Bible, got into my car, and drove over to the hospital.  When I walked into the lobby, my gaze was distinctly drawn in the direction of the elevator and I felt compelled to get on it.  The next the next thing I remember is that I was looking down at my own feet, watching them walk into a room as if I were observing but not participating in the action.  I then heard a voice in my head say, "Pray!" and I looked up to see a man lying on a bed.

He was flat on his back and out cold and he had no perception whatsoever that I was even there in the room with him.  I didn't know him, however, I was being obedient to what I was being led to do, and I bowed my head to pray for him.  I said barely in a whisper, "Dear Lord, I pray for this man's salvation, and I pray you lift him out of this sick bed."  I raised my eyes and what I saw next just about drove me to run straight out of the room.  For in a sing motion, and without using his arms as any means of support, the man suddenly sat up bolt upright.  His eyes remained closed and he spoke these words:  "I AM."  This exact phrase was the one God used to identify Himself to Moses at the scene of the burning bush.  In Revelations the Lord is called the Great I AM, and to see this man sitting up and to hear him utter these words even in an unconscious state, was like seeing a dead man rise.

I caught my breath and stammered, "Oh, my God!"  With eyes opened wide with shock, I turned to make a run for the door when I clearly heard the man say, "Piece of cake!"  I looked back at him in disbelief and then continued my exit from the room as quickly as I could.  A nurse came in just as I flew out and after seeing the frightened look on my face, I can only imagine what she thought I must have been up to.  All I knew was that I wanted out.

I was so overwhelmed by this event that I went directly to my pastors to seek their counsel.  They tried to encourage me by telling me that God was with me and that I had been the vehicle of a mighty manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit.  But one thing I know for sure.  God used this miracle to indelibly inscribe upon my heart, soul, and mind the truth that where I go, He goes!

I hope you enjoyed this preview.  There's a whole lot more in store for you when you purchase this book.  With testimonies of cancers gone, tumors gone, and even being raised out of a coma.  This book will help you recognize your opportunities for God to use you walking in the supernatural of God.  

You may either purchase a copy of this book through my publisher just by clicking on the link above.  "Or" You can get an electronic copy sent to your email through my On-Line Store:  www.thehealingplace.tv, and that link is at the very top of this page in the title.

God Bless You,

Becki Java